IMPORTANT - These vinyls are hand numbered and signed by Jeff Martin for Rocksteady Records in Melbourne (Limited to 5 copies)


"Cinnamon Rose is a record with a deceptively complex production. Its strength lies in the fact that it all sounds so effortless & engaging, yet in reality, Jeff takes the listener on multiple sonic journies. Crossing all manner of musical influences,the production styles of each mix is unique, varying from dense & bustling, through to lush and open.

A masterful fusion of so many production styles, yet somehow it all glues together as the record un-folds."

Joe Carra - Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer - Crystal Mastering.


The new 6 track EP "Cinnamon Rose" by Jeff Martin.


1. Set In Stone

2. Havana

3. L'arc En Ciel

4. Maybe Tomorrow

5. Cinnamon Rose

6. Only Love Can Take You There


Produced, recorded and mixed by Jeff Martin.

All songs written by Jeff Martin, except "Maybe Tomorrow"by The Everly Brothers, "Only Love Can Take You There" co-written with Melissa Barrett-Martin.

Engineered by Paul Pilsneniks.

Mastered by Joe Carra - Crystal Mastering.

Additional musicians: Terepai Richmond (Drums), Alfredo Lopes (Saxophone), Sonya Lopes (Trumpet, Trombone), Javier Ruiz (Percussion), Sean Mackenzie (Piano and Organ), Jamie Ashforth (Harmonica), Lisa Hunt (Backing Vocals)

Artwork by Robert Buratti

All Rights Reserved Jeff Martin 2020

Cinnamon Rose EP - Vinyl (Limited Edition)

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