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I am very pleased to announce my next solo album ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ will be available worldwide from the seventh day of the seventh month this year.


The journey this album has taken me on has been riddled with emotion at every turn, plans unraveled, pitfalls were stumbled upon, and the darkness and beauty of the sins manifested and took their grip on many levels.


I am so very proud of this album, and the process of creating and producing this 'concept' album was something that I am truly grateful for.


To play all of my exotic instruments again was a beautiful delve back into my musical beginnings, and I fell in love all over again with these exquisite forms of arsenal that were literally hanging on my studio walls as art pieces.


Now, they all take up residency amongst my guitars. Re-strung, and reignited with Magick.

The Captain

The Seven Deadly Sins by Jeff martin
Vinyl and Compact Disc Releases
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The Seven Deadly Sins - Compact Disc

(limited to 1000 copies)

The Seven Deadly Sins - 180 Gram Vinyl

(first press limited to 500 copies)


Jeff Martin - Customs Sins Range

(Maximum Quality & Limited Quantities)

Launching Soon


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